Posted by: hypomanic | July 31, 2013

My discharge notification letter

18 July 2013


Mr Victor J Kennedy



Dear Victor,

NHS Number: xxx xxx xxxx DOB: 27/06/72


I received a message from my secretary saying that after our discussion during your last appointment, you are happy to be discharged from the outpatient clinic and to be monitored instead by your GP. As you know, the reason for suggesting discharge was that the medication has remained unchanged for a number of years, you have been asymptomatic, you have good insight into your illness, you have a supportive family, and you have been doing well at work. I appreciate that when people are discharged they are concerned about what happens should they relapse. Of course you can see your GP who can review your medication in the first instance. You also have the option of contacting our services directly using our Single Point of Access. They will ensure you get the most appropriate service for your needs at that time. I am also happy for your GP to contact me directly for advice about medication should this be necessary.


Finally I wish you and your family well.


Best wishes


Yours sincerely


Dr G Herbert

Associate Specialist Psychiatrist 

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