Posted by: hypomanic | November 18, 2008

Author mission statement – 2nd August 2004

I want to empty my head. Pour it all out onto paper in some form of communication to try and explain to everyone/anyone what this is like.

Is order important? I don’t feel bipolar is sequential, obviously it happens in a certain way but to me, once you have experienced madness then you are constantly aware of the sudden, sometimes odd, sometimes frequent ways that your inner persona steps back or out, to question what you are doing and maybe more importantly what the world is doing around you. I think it’s not what happens to you in your life that is important, it is how you deal and interpret what happens to you that is!

We all try to find significance in things around us. A sign, perhaps, that means some kind of personal gain or benefit. Horoscopes, ladders, mirrors? Mania amplifies these thoughts to a point where you are either petrified or full of psychotic confidence. The journey to this point is absolutely brilliant. It really and honestly is the best, like one of those dreams that after you awoke affected you deeply, if only for that day but in flashing extremes of elation and a deep rooted sense of loss for the perfect reality that was THAT dream.

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